Foods that Help your Hair Grow!

People say that you always want what you don’t have. It is the same when it comes to hair. Between the perms, chemical straightens, hair dyes and hair cuts only one thing stays the same – the desire to have healthy hair that grows quickly.
If you are having problems with hair loss. Good foods to include in your diet include:
Red Meat – Lean red meat is one of the best foods to help prevent hair loss. The iron in red meat helps other nutrients get absorbed more easily by the hair follicles. Red meat also contains sulphur which increases blood flow to the scalp which in turn will promote hair growth. 
Eggs – Eggs contain lots of B 12 vitamins and proteins that penetrate deep into the root and hair follicle to nourish hair from the inside. Eggs also contain four other important minerals including zinc, sulphur, iron and selenium. 
Tofu – Tofu is extremely high in iron. Iron deficiency can cause hair loss, so include foods that are high in iron in your diet if you are trying to prevent hair loss. 
Beans – Beans contain silica. Silica is used by the body to absorb minerals and vitamins which is important because even if you take vitamin supplements, if the body cannot absorb them then they will go to waste. 
Coriander – Coriander may be a surprise, but this herb helps to clean toxic metals from the body. Toxic metals prevent the transport of nutrients to the scalp which will, in turn, cause hair loss. 
If you are looking to promote hair growth, consider these foods:
Asparagus – Asparagus is a superfood. It has folic acid that helps the body absorb protein. It is also rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C containing fibre and iron. Eating asparagus will help with thicker and shinier hair. 
Flax Seeds – Flax seeds are high in iron and also in Omega-3s which will help maintain a healthy scalp and promote hair growth. 
Oats – Oats contain potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron which will all boost hair growth. 
Milk – Milk is packed with essential proteins and calcium, this is an important building block in hair growth. 

Green Vegetables
– Green leafy vegetables are a great source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C and contain high amounts of iron and selenium. These vitamins assist in the creation of sebum which conditions and promotes hair growth. 
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MYD Reader Request Series: Warm vs. Cool Skin Tones

Knowing if you have a cool or warm undertone can do wonders for you. Not just in terms of choosing makeup, but also for picking clothing and accessories as well. 
Margo asks… “What is the difference between a warm skin tone and a cool skin tone? And how can I tell which one I am?”
If you are warm, then you will have yellow, golden or peach undertones. Lipsticks that have orangey or peach color to them, such as a nude, tend to look great on your skin. You will also find that gold jewelery looks good on your skin as well. 
If you are cool then you will have pink, red or blue undertones. Lipsticks that have purple or blue color to them, such as a fuchsia, look good on your skin. Silver jewellery looks great on people with a cool skin tone. 
If you are neutral then you have a mix between cool and warm undertones. For foundations, you may find if you pick just yellow-based or pink-based foundations that they may look too orange or grey. Try mixing a warm and cool foundation to find your perfect shade. 
Once of the most common ways to distinguish if you have a warm or cool undertone is to look at the veins on your inner wrist. If the veins are bluish or purple, then you have a cool undertone. If the veins are more green then you have a warm undertone. If it looks like a little bit of both, you may be neutral. 
As a rule, most people who have blue, green or grey eyes with blonde, brown or black hair – you most likely have a cool undertone. If you have brown, black or hazel eyes with any hair color – you will most likely have a warm undertone. 
As you can see in this photo, Reese Witherspoon (with blue eyes and blonde hair) has a cool skin tone. This is why bright red lips and bright pink blush looks good on her skin. Whereas Nicole Richie (hazel eyes and blonde hair) has a warm skin tone. This is why she has an orangey apricot blush and peachy lips.
If you have a cool undertone, select a foundation that has a pink undertone to it. If you have a warm undertone, select a foundation that has a yellow undertone to it. These will be the most flattering on your skin. Many cosmetic companies are beginning to divide and label their foundation shades into Cool, Warm and Neutral sections so that the customers can choose a shade from the proper shade that will suit their skin.
We hope that you enjoyed our Reader Request Series this week. We really enjoyed answering your questions and sharing our expertise. If you missed them, check out Monday’s post on BB Creams, Tuesday’s post on Organic and Vegan Cosmetic Lines, Wednesday’s post on How to Properly Fill Your Brows and Thursday’s post on Laugh Lines.  
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MYD Reader Request Series: Filling in your Eyebrows

On day three of our Reader Request Series we are covering a tricky topic for most – how to properly fill your brows. Almost every woman has dealt with patchiness, an over-pluck disaster and non-symmetrical brows.

Anonymous asks… “I have really thin eyebrows, and I want to know how to fill them in properly so that they don’t look fake! What sort of products and techniques should I use?” 

First, it is important to understand how to properly shape your eye brow. The diagram below demonstrates where the brow should be in relation to your eye.  
You can use a pencil, powder, wax or a combination. MYD’s Jen H has become a brow expert from years of experience and from trying a variety of products and techniques. She loves creating beautiful brows – after all they do frame the face!
Jen H prefers to use brow pencils and says that the best way to fill eyebrows is to start at the arch. From there, use short strokes against the grain of the hair. This technique will make the pencil look more natural in your brows and will fill between the hairs. Work your way inward until you reach the inside edge of your eyebrow. 
Then, use a clean mascara wand or brow comb to comb and blend. We love Laura Mercier’s brow grooming brush because it is soft and effective. 
Finally, work the pencil with short strokes from the arch of the brow towards the end of the brow following the natural hair grain. Comb again with a brush. 
If you are using a powder instead of a pencil, use the same technique but use a stiff angled brush (such a LAURA MERCIER’s double-ended brow brush or MAC’s #208) with the powder you will want to push the product into your brow. 
Some of our favorite brow products are MAC’s eyebrow pencils, CHANEL’s sculpting eyebrow pencil and LAURA MERCIER’s brow powder duo. 

Still have questions? Let us know in the comments box below! We will see you again tomorrow to answer another one of the great questions that were submitted.

MYD Reader Request Series: Organic and Vegan Cosmetic Lines

Welcome to day two of our Reader Request Series! If you missed yesterday’s post on some great BB Creams, check it out here. We are so excited by the positive responses that we have been getting and we hope that you keep enjoying these posts.

Dora asks… Do you have recommendations for organic and vegan skincare and makeup lines?”

As more information comes out about the harmful effects and ingredients that some skin care products and cosmetics contain, it is important to know what organic and vegan options are available.

Lavera is a German line that is the whole package and then some. It is all-natural, safe, there is no animal testing, it is gluten-free and it is free of any harmful ingredients. There is no petroleum, no synthetic products and the list goes on! It really does. Check out an extensive list of ingredients that they avoid here
This company has won numerous awards and is endorsed by many celebrities. This company’s high-standards with ingredients and quality make this organic, vegan and gluten-free line an excellent option to try if you are in the market for natural products. 
This line is not yet available in the state of North Carolina, but is available in a number of other American states. There is free shipping on orders over $50 in the USA. 
This line boasts 100% natural, biodynamically-grown, organic, wildly-harvested products that have been working with mineral and plant extracts since 1930. Their website includes an extensive Ingredient Glossary and they also provide a list of their products that are, and are not, gluten-free
Dr. Hauscka considers their products holistic home remedies. They respect, not interrupt, the body’s natural rhythms and help restore balance. They have a unique approach to health and beauty and their products reflect this. We would definitely recommend trying a product from this line if you are looking for some natural products. 
This line is available in Whole Foods in the USA. 
Most known for their famous Lip Tars, OCC takes vegan and cruelty-free to the next level. They said that they wanted to “raise the bar” on the animal testing issue, and they have. They pledge to never use animal-derived ingredients including Lanolin, Beeswax, Carmine and a variety of others. This is impressive because many natural and organic lines will still use these. 
We absolutely love OCC and we love Lip Tar. If you have never tried them we would highly recommend it. There are such a wide variety of colors, you are bound to find one, or ten, that you like and would like to try. 
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is available to order, or to purchase at Sephora. 
That’s it for day two of our Reader Request Series. We love your questions and comments so keep leaving them! Check back tomorrow for day three in our series. 

Turn your Fave Lipstick into Gloss: MYD Tips and Tricks

We love this fun, simple and quick way to turn any lipstick color into lipgloss. It is a great way to make new colors with what you have. All you will need is:
– A Lighter, Tea Light or Candle (You need some sort of flame)
– A Metal sSoon
– A Lipstick 
– A Toothpick
– Vaseline or Aquaphor
– A Container (A contact case works great!)
– Eye Shadow (Optional) This is to add shimmer if you would like.
1. Use the toothpick to take the top portion of your lipstick
2. Put this in your metal spoon with some Vaseline/ Aquaphor
3. Hold the spoon over the flame until it melts
4. If you use more than one lipstick color, or you added some eyeshadow pigment for sparkle, use your toothpick to stick the liquid in the spoon
5. Pour the color into the desired container
The final product should look like this when it dries. And it is the perfect, unique shade just for you!
The great thing about this is that you can create whole palettes this way. We love the versatility. You can control how sheer the color is depending on how much Vaseline/Aquaphor you add. You can mix multiple colors to create completely new shades and if you like, you can add shimmer with eyeshadow. 
What color gloss would you like to make? We would love to know. Let us know via Twitter, Facebook or the comments box below!

It’s Almost Time! Anti-Aging Tricks to Help You Slow the Ticker.

Anti-aging products has becoming a booming industry in the cosmetic world. Not only are there skin creams, but cosmetics now incorporate anti-aging benefits, and there are hair care products that are based around the idea of giving back “young hair.” It is estimated by 2015 that the global market for these products will reach $291.9 billion dollars!

In this post we will give you some tips for natural anti-aging tricks and fill you in on some important information regarding the bottled anti-aging solutions and ingredients.

SPF. With all of the studies that are out now, there is no way to make excuses NOT to wear SPF. On sunny days, cloudy days, winter days… wear SPF! Skin damage causes premature aging, discoloration of the skin, and more seriously – cancer.

Vitamin C. It is recommended that anyone over the age of 26 has Vitamin C in their diet and skincare routine. This is because of its ability to help the body produce and maintain collagen. Vitamin C is also known to regenerate oxidized Vitamin E, which helps combat free radicals.

Serums. Serums are all the rage now-a-days. They pack a major punch when it comes to antioxidants because they have a higher level of active ingredients compared to a regular moisturizer. They are created with smaller molecules than regular moisturizes so that they can be absorbed deeper into the skin to deliver the anti-aging and antioxidant benefits. Serums should be used before a moisturizer so that the ingredients can be absorbed deep into the skin, then you should follow with a moisturizer because serums usually don’t have strong moisturizing properties.

Papaya. The high content of carotene and Vitamin C, along with the essential minerals and the papain enzyme – this fruit is the ultimate exfoliant and moisturizer. As explained earlier, Vitamin C has a lot of benefit for you skin and anti-aging. What many people don’t know is that the ascorbic acid that makes up Vitamin C is very unstable. Most of the time serums and creams will oxidize, which renders their benefits useless. This is why you can’t go wrong with going straight to the source!

Retinol. This is the only proven ingredient to reduce fine lines long term. Many products may claim anti-aging benefits, but if you are looking for something effective and retinol is not an ingredient, keep looking. Don’t buy day creams with Retinol as it can increase your sensitivity to UV rays. Find a night cream with Retinol and use it at night as your body naturally repaires and rejuvinates.

Omega-3, 6 and fatty acids. It has been proven that people that have a diet that consists of high amounts of sea food have less wrinkles. This is because fish oil contain Omega-3 fatty acids that slow down the aging process in skin. It keeps the skin plump and younger looking.
(Another great source of Omega-3 is Walnuts…so snack away!)

Avocado. This is the ultimate nutrition shop for your body inside and out. This fruit contains Vitamin A, B, D and E. It is also richer in potassium than bananas. This is a great moisturizer that will help reduce wrinkles.

There is only one day left in our holiday countdown. See you tomorrow for the final day!

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