5 Amazing Makeup Box Subscriptions

Are you a product junkie? Do you have lots of things on your wish list? Then you should look into signing up for a makeup box subscription. There are a variety of companies that offer these subscriptions and each one is unique.

1. Birchbox offers a wide variety of brands (no seriously, click that link. It will feel like you’re scrolling for days!) for $10 a month. They claim to have hand-picked only the best brands that include niche brands, long time favorites, clinical skin care lines and makeup artist approved cosmetics.

2. Ipsy offers a free membership. When you sign up you take a comprehensive (and fun) quiz about your makeup likes and dislikes, the brands you love, your skin and hair issues and your overall comfort with makeup and your willingness to try new looks. Once you complete the quiz you can sign up for their glam bags for $10 a month. Their bags contain 4-5 products in a collectable makeup bag each month.

3. What is unique about BeautyArmy is that you can hand-pick which 6 samples you would like to have sent to you. Another unique thing about this subscription is that you can skip a month anytime that you like. The cost is slightly higher at $12 a month, but the fact that you can skip months to use up last month’s samples are a bonus. Handpicking your own samples is also fun!

4. Beauty Fix is also different from Birchbox and Ipsy. Like Beauty Army you will first answer questions to create a profile. Based on your beauty profile, panellists will hand-pick a wide variety of products that you will like. From there, you choose your 8 favorite and purchase them for $49.99. That seems steep compared to the other $10 a month deals, but that price is regardless of what products and brands you snatch that can be worth that price on their own.

5. Glossy Box follows the Ipsy and Birchbox method of sending samples monthly. It is more expensive at $21 a month and offers a wide variety of brands. First you choose your “plan”, whether you like eco-friendly products or you prefer a chic, modern look, Glossy Box will send you products that will suit your preferences based off that plan.

Have you ever tried one of these? Would you consider it? This is a great way to try new things and find new products that work for you!

Fresh Skin Inspired by Beautiful MYD Bride Crista

Crista looked stunning with a bouquet of fresh spring tulips walking down the aisle. She is such a natural beauty. We love her flawless skin, and her beautiful pulled back hair with loose pieces framing her face. MYD’s Shannan made Crista’s hair look amazing and MYD’s N’Zinga did an awesome job with Crista’s airbrush and makeup. 
Airbrush makeup is a service that we offer at Makeup for Your Day. Our staff has gone through extensive training to ensure that you will look incredible on your wedding day. Your skin will look flawless and radiant in photos and it won’t budge all day. If you miss our post about airbrush makeup and its benefits, check it out here

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MYD Shares a Great DIY Matte Lipstick Trick!

Today we want to share a great DIY courtesy of The Beauty Department. We love when there are ways to use existing products that we love in new ways. A lot of great lipsticks have a satin or glossy finish and this tutorial will show you how to take your favorite colors and make them matte!
Take a lipstick with a glossy or satin finish and apply it to your lips. Then, with your finger, take a powdered blush in a similar shade to your lipstick and dab the powder on top. 
If you do not have a blush in a similar color to your lip color, then use a setting powder. Whether you use a loose or pressed powder to set your foundation and concealer, this is a great alternative to make your lipstick matte if you don’t have a blush that you would like to use. 
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MYD Shares some Pinterest Faves!

Today’s post is dedicated to some of our favorite hair pins on Pinterest. Pinterest is a great place to explore and find different hairstyles for your wedding. Here are some of our favorite pins.  
A very popular trend in wedding hairstyles is a twisted and pinned updo. These updos look incredible with embellished hair accessories. 

If you want a more laid-back look, we love these loose waves and this ombre hairstyle! This would look so stunning with an embellished hairpiece. 

Loose waves will always be a great option for a wedding hairstyle. To take it to the next level, consider pulling some pieces back into a twisted or braided crown. This gives your hair formal look while still maintaining the laid back look of wearing your hair in loose waves. 

We absolutely love this hairstyle. It is so unique and beautiful. This would be such an incredible wedding hairstyle. 

If you have straight bangs, this is a beautiful hairstyle. It is a great alternative to an updo, and looks so great with her veil and her earrings. 

We love braids. They give a unique look and texture to a loose hairstyle worn down, and they also look great in an updo.

We love this loose, undone look with the viel. It is such a feminine and romantic look. If you are drawn to this sort of hairstyle, be sure to talk to your stylist about staying power, you want to ensure that your hair looks fabulous the whole night. 

The word updo means that your hair is pulled up away from your face and your neck, but we also love when hair is pulled low on the back of the neck. 

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MYD presents Home Remedies to the Rescue

We love when we find common household items that can provide quick-fixes, or intermittent and ongoing remedies for a variety of beauty issues. We wanted to share some of our favorite home remedies with you in a series of posts that we will put up at the beginning of each month. Here are some of our April favorites!

For pimples a great home remedy is toothpaste. If you find Benzoyl Peroxide to be hard and drying on breakouts, or if you are using that too frequently as an overnight remedy, try toothpaste one night instead. Toothpaste helps absorb the oil and will shrink the pimple over night.

In the morning, wash your face and dab some Visine on your pimple. Visine reduces redness in eyes by shrinking blood vessels, and the same will apply to your pimple. Although it won’t last all day, dabbing some Visine on your pimple will help reduce redness for a few hours.

It seems like common knowledge that tea bags in cold water can help with puffy eyes. If you use caffeinated tea, the caffeine will shrink blood vessels which will help reduce swelling and redness. The cold temperature with also soothe and de-puff eyes. Tip: Avoid using Earl Grey tea. The oil of bergamot in this tea may cause an irritation for people with sensitive skin.

To get rid of product build up in your hair, rinse it with apple cider vinegar. ACV will also give you soft and shiny hair by sealing the hair cuticle (this is why you should not use shampoo or conditioner afterwards, instead just rinse the ACV out with cold water). And added bonus is that ACV is a natural dandruff remedy!

For dry and cracked cuticles try soaking your fingertips in warm water. Then massage olive oil on them. This will help seal in moisture, plus prevent your cuticles from becoming dry because of cold weather, hand washing and just everyday wear and tear.

Do you have a beauty question? You have the opportunity to ask whatever you want and we will ask our talented team of artists and stylists. They will answer your questions in our Reader Request series – read more about that here! And don’t forget to submit your answers in the comments box below, or via Twitter or Facebook.

MYD Detangles the Pros and Cons of Hair Brushes

At Makeup for Your Day we love hair as much as we love makeup! One question we come across a lot is about accomplishing a smooth, frizz-free hairstyle. We always say that it is a combination of hair spray, know-how and the right tools! Thanks to The Beauty Department, we have this awesome info graphic to share! 
#1 Is a standard paddle brush. This brush is great for detangling, scalp massaging and for a quick blow dry. If your paddle brush features rounded nylon pin-bristles with an air cushion, then it won’t cause static. A paddle brush is a definite must-have! – Featured Above: The Denman Paddle Brush
#2 The boar bristles on the wooden round brushes like this Ibiza Round Brush are perfect to create bounce and shine in any hairstyle. The bristles are coarse and dense which make it efficient in any hair type or texture.
#3 Metal round brushes are one of the most commonly used brushes for people styling their hair at home. This kind of brush acts as a curling iron when used with a blow dryer. The hollow brush allows hair to flow through the barrel which speeds up drying time. – Featured Above: Cricket Metal Round Brush
#4 This combo brush is the perfect combination of brush #2 and brush #3. Since this brush features boar bristles and nylon bristles, it allows more control than you would have with a regular metal core brush. The boar bristles provide some tension so you can really work with the hair to create a smooth, straight style, or hair with lots of body. – Featured Above: WarrenTricomi Metal Core Brush
#5 If you have ever had bangs, you will know that they tend to have a mind of their own. This Spornette G36 brush is an excellent tool that will help you style your fringe the way that you want . The size, as well as the combination of bristles makes it the perfect adversary for those misbehaving bangs!  
#6 The Mason Pearson Brush is the Queen of all brushes. This brush consistently gets amazing reviews and is featured on must-have lists. This brush carries a hefty price tag, but if you are serious about taming those fly aways then this is a must-have!
#7 For people who would rather not splurge $150 on a hair brush, the Denman Large Boar Bristle Brush is comparable. Although this brush doesn’t work as well, it can still get the job done. Along with taming the frizzies, this brush is great for soft teasing. 
We want to know what your favorite hair products and tools are! What are your must-haves and tips to tame your fly aways? Let us know via Facebook, Twitter or the comments box below! 

A Spring Trend that you Should Try!

Nail art has become increasingly popular and it is amazing to see what people can accomplish on their nails. The art can range from a simpler design like two-tone nails, stripes or chevron to a completely advanced design of movie characters or holiday decor. 
We love this fairly simple coral nail with peach tips, it is perfect for springtime. The glitter and rhinestone add some extra oomph as well.
These Olympic nails are a great idea! We will have to wait until the winter Olympics next year to try them out. 
 This is an absolutely beautiful design. We love the ballerina pink nails with a hint of soft, silver glitter at the bottom of the nail close to the nail bed. 
 These nails are definitely show-stoppers! An increasing trend in nail art is to glue pieces to the nail to make it 3-dimensional. We love the use of gluing the flowers to the nails for the eyes of the skulls.
 We love the intricate design and colors used in this nail art. The black, white, purple, pink, orange and mint make an interesting palette for a very interesting variety of designs such as dots, lines, dashes and squiggles. 
 Summer is fast approaching, and these fruity nails give off a very summery vibe. 
 These nails are adorable! We love the creative genius, as well as colors used for these nails that were inspired by the Pixar movie Up. 

These nails are perfect for everyday, but we think these would be especially perfect for the 4th of July! We love the red, white and blue!

Scrabble tiles? We love how creative people get. This is a great and versatile idea that can be fairly simple for people that are less experienced with nail art. This would require a thin, brush-like tool to be able to neatly paint the letters. 
 These Toy Story nails are adorable. They make us nostalgic for the unforgettable characters that these movies feature. 
These nails are so fun and are perfect for summer. We love how this nail artists achieved a messy look without a mess. The surface of the nail is still smooth and the colors aren’t too blended together. This was achieved by waiting for each layer to completely dry before adding a new one. 
 We love holiday nails, and with Easter around the corner, we wanted to share these cute Easter nails. 

We want to know if you have ever tried nail art! What colors and tools did you use? Let us know via the comments box below, or post a photo on Twitter and share it with @makeup4yourday .

Prepping for the Super Bowl Half Time Show

The Super Bowl is a huge deal. The viewership of this event is astounding and because of this, all of the elements besides the actual game are very important. The commercials, that cost TONS to make and to get airtime are amazing and the half time show is also incredible. We are so excited that Beyonce is performing at this year’s Super Bowl half time show!

Today we want to go through good, the bad… and well, Beyonce is never ugly! She is such a natural beauty. To prep for her on stage performance on Sunday, we thought it would be fun to go through some of her looks and dissect them. She is such a beauty chameleon that takes chances and is fearless.

This picture is absolutely beautiful. Flawless skin, perfect brows and amazing hair. It just looks so effortless! Not comfortable baring all? Well, BB creams are the perfect solution that can even your skin tone and protect you with SPF for those vacation photos. Want to know more about BB creams, stay tuned for our post coming soon!

This look is a little bit of a beauty blunder for Beyonce. Once you are finished squinting and asking “are those hair sparkles?” you will realize that the thick, black shadow as liner on the upper lid paired with the silver liner on the bottom is not a good look for Beyonce!

We adore this photo! Beyonce looks amazing with her piecey, textured front bangs. And we can’t stop staring at those eyes! Not many people can pull off full, thick, black eyeliner without looking like a raccoon, but Beyonce does it SO well! 

Compared to the last photo, we aren’t loving this look or this eyeliner on her. Her skin is looking a little washed out and her lip color looks a little messy. This look was close, but not quite for Beyonce. 

We’re digging this retro-glam look for Beyonce. Her hair reminds us of many of the retro hairstyles we have done at weddings and photo shoots. You can never go wrong with this look! We love the subtle, yet noticeable contour and how the lips and eyes were minimal. 

This picture looks like a much younger Beyonce. Perhaps her Destiny’s Child days? Her teased, half-up hairstyle along with her pink cheeks and overly highlighted face looks like a version of Beyonce that we haven’t seen in years! We love the more mature look she has now. 
That’s more like it! We love how this new mom can leave the house and go to a basketball game with TV cameras and paperazzi without looking so overdone. The bangs look great on her. And her face is clean and matte with little, to no eye makeup or lip color. 

Beyonce with brown hair! We much prefer the honey-blonde hue that she normally wears, but this brown still looks good on this diva. Her fushia lips looks great and it is paired with a smokey eye. The fushia was picked up in the eye shadow used on her crease which has a pinkish hue. This reminds us of a recent bride who asked for pink eye shadow on her wedding day!

The side-braid! We love how chic, yet undone and laid back braids look. She glams up the braid by wearing silver shadow with a hint of sparkle and darker cheek color than usual. Oh yeah, and the navy sequin outfit glams it up as well!

Here is Beyonce accenting her gorgeous diamond earrings with her eyeliner- or is it the other way around? We love when people push the boundaries and we think Beyonce pulled this look off. The hint of silver at the outer corner of her eye between her bottom and top liner is obvious, but not obnoxious. 

Speaking of matching earrings with eye makeup. We spy some incredible navy shadow that goes splendidly with Beyonce’s amazing earrings. Want to know the secret to pulling off navy eyeshadow without looking like a clown? Go matte! Blending with the black, the navy gives enough pop to the eye without going overboard with shimmer. We love this look!

We are all about taking beauty risks, but we don’t think that this one paid off for Beyonce. Yellow shadow has made a come back and can look quite stunning if done correctly. The shadow color looked great as a contrast against the emerald earrings and outfit. To take this look from OK to amazing, we would pull the hair back into a chic high pony and add some extra liner to the upper lid at the outer corners. Like the navy eyeshadow she also wore, we want it to pop, but not to be too overwhelming!

This is the only “no, no, no – what were you thinking” look on our list. We love the hair, earrings, skin and lips, but the eyes throw it all off. She looks like a frost queen. We are used to Beyonce having incredible, smouldering eyes and this shadow and liner choice washes her out. 

Beyonce can never go wrong au naturale. We love that her eye makeup is minimal and that her skin is fresh and clean. There is a hint of apricot blush and an amazing highlight job down the center of the nose and on the cheeks. It’s a flawless and youthful look. 
For Beyonce’s performance we hope that she turns on the glam and comes out looking incredible as always. We are excited to be entertained. The dancing, singing and showmanship that she has is always so amazing. 
Are you excited to see Beyonce perform this Sunday? Which song do you hope she performs?

Bridal Hairstyles: Bangs

Choosing a hairstyle is a big decision for any bride. It needs to be something that will look good in pictures and will work well with your hair texture and hair accessories. Our beautiful bride Alicia had straight bangs and they looked great in all the pictures (courtesy of the talented Dara Blakeley Photography) and with her veil. 

Are you still contemplating what hairstyle you might choose? Here are some pictures with different styles and how they can be worn formally. 
Jennifer Love-Hewitt has neatly side-parted bangs with her hair worn down in an elegant side ponytail. The styling of her bangs would work well with a variety of other hairstyles, including a classic updo, and would look great with a veil or any other bridal accessory. 

A recently married Jessica Biel has a middle part with face-framing bangs. The layers fall in a way that flatters her features and they don’t look heavy or overbearing. This hairstyle looks great paired with statement earrings.

Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland has her hair styled with lots of volume. Another great look for a straight fringe is to have them really heavy and blow dried with a round brush so they don’t lay flat. Pairing this with a volumized crown and pulled into a neat low bun finishes off this very polished look. 

Melissa George has her hair pulled back into a chignon with a thick side-bang that is curled. This is a vintage-inspired look that will work well for the ladies that have longer hair. 
Be sure to book a hair appointment 1-4 weeks before the wedding so your hair is healthy, the ends are fresh and everything is the right length for your chosen hairstyle. 
To see photos of previous brides that our talented team of stylists and artists have had the pleasure of working with, check out our Facebook page!

Nikki and Chris Williams

We just got the pictures back from Chris and Nikki’s wedding in November! We had so much fun working with Nikki, her mom and bridesmaids in Chapel Hill, NC. The wedding was gorgeous, and even more so was the bride. Their ceremony was held at the Presbyterian Church on Franklin Street and the reception was in the Pope Box above the Kenan Football Stadium. Here are some pictures taken by Chris Arrington Photography of the bride and attendants.

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