Matte Makeup: Kacia and Andrew’s Wedding

Every girl grows up with a love of glitter, as we age it becomes more subtle. Shimmer can look great in certain circumstances. (See Monique Lhuillier’s models at Bridal Fashion Week). At a wedding with all of the flash photography, mattes usually end up looking better.

Make Up For Your Day‘s talented artist and stylist Regan and Thuy were on the scene for hair and makeup to ensure that our beautiful bride Kacia looked her best. Kacia looked stunning with a matte brown smokey eye, a matte apricot blush and matte mauve lips. The photos (courtesy of Jagg Photography) look absolutely amazing. Shimmers are usually seen in more of a nighttime setting, like a night club or runways, whereas mattes look better when you are under natural sunlight or at work under fluorescent lights. 
You do not want to find yourself at work, and especially not in your wedding photos looking like Cameron Diaz below {though we love her and most all of her other styled looks}. The highlights on her forehead, cheeks, nose, lips and chin make her look greasy in the daylight and in flash photography. This is why opting for mattes is a great option. 
With the holidays in tow, here are some great ideas if you are in the market for some mattes!
Now don’t be fooled by the shocking red hue of Nars blush in Exhibit A. Although it looks scary from here, with a light hand this is one of the most flattering flushed looks on almost any skin tone. Not all Nars blushes are matte, but if you are looking for a universally suited, quality blush – look no further! (Available at Sephora).  You can also find beautiful natural hues in Bobbi Brown matte blushes as well as Laura Mercier.

This life-changing product is Tarte’s Matte Waterproof Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess. Most bronzers have a subtle shimmer, but the summer months are behind us and as we head into the winter months, never underestimate how handy a matte bronzer can be for your makeup bag. This bronzer does not look muddy or orange and stays all day! (Available at Sephora). 
The Lorac Pro palette is a great eyeshadow palette for mattes. Most of the other palettes have more shimmery options and the matte colors aren’t for everyday wear. In this palette the top row is all mattes and the bottom row features the shimmery colors. There is a great range here with hues that will look good with every eye color and skin tone. (Available at Sephora).
Thank you to Kacia and Andrew for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day!
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Gift Yourself some Lash Extensions this Holiday Season

The holiday season is coming up quickly, and soon it will be in full swing with Thanksgiving, company Christmas parties and family get-togethers. Why not give yourself an early gift with lash extensions?
Lash extensions are a semi-permanent procedure that applies false lashes to your existing ones. They are single-strand synthetic lashes that are tapered at the tip with a thick base and a curl to replicate natural lashes. If you like the idea but don’t want it to be obvious, you can choose to do fewer lashes to enhance your look, but still have it look natural. If you would like it to be more noticeable, you can choose to put on more lashes for a more dense and dramatic look.
If you are considering getting lash extensions, check what training, certifications and qualifications your stylist has. Many people practice this without formal training or certifications. This can lead to serious mistakes such as gluing your eye shut for up to 3 days!
At Make Up For Your Day, our team of artists and stylists are certified through NovaLash and XtremeLashes. These are the top 2 lash extension companies in the country. In 2011 XtremeLashes won the Professional Choice Award for Best Lash Extensions and NovaLash uses a medical-grade lash extension adhesive and has the reputation of being the “healthiest” lash extensions. Both are the leading comapies in the industry with high-quality products.

Our certified staff members have gone through extensive training to become certified and have performed this treatment on a number of clients.  

For Brides – We suggest that you get the lash extensions at least a month before the big day. The first time you put lashes on, they tend to fall out faster as you learn to accommodate certain parts of your routine, like washing and drying your face, in such a way that doesn’t cause them to fall out. Two weeks before, you will get your lashes filled again, and these will last for 4-5weeks. This means that after an amazing wedding, you can enjoy them on your honeymoon as well. It doesn’t matter if it’s a beach retreat or a backpacking adventure, there is no need for mascara and there is the added perk of looking great in photos!

For Moms – Whether you have smaller children and are sleeping less during the night, or older children that you are driving all over the place, we know that your life and your schedule can be a little hectic. Lash extensions are great because there is no need for mascara, it’s a get-up-and-go sort of look if you have no time. With kids, sometimes you don’t have time to think about yourself, but this is a small thing that you can do for yourself to look and feel great.

For Everyone – Lash extensions are for anyone who wants them. If you just want to perk up your natural lashes, or experiment with red carpet-worthy lashes, this service can take the fuss out of your morning routine and give you that little boost during the sluggish winter months.

Interested? Contact us to schedule your appointment!

Bridal Hairstyles: Bangs

Choosing a hairstyle is a big decision for any bride. It needs to be something that will look good in pictures and will work well with your hair texture and hair accessories. Our beautiful bride Alicia had straight bangs and they looked great in all the pictures (courtesy of the talented Dara Blakeley Photography) and with her veil. 

Are you still contemplating what hairstyle you might choose? Here are some pictures with different styles and how they can be worn formally. 
Jennifer Love-Hewitt has neatly side-parted bangs with her hair worn down in an elegant side ponytail. The styling of her bangs would work well with a variety of other hairstyles, including a classic updo, and would look great with a veil or any other bridal accessory. 

A recently married Jessica Biel has a middle part with face-framing bangs. The layers fall in a way that flatters her features and they don’t look heavy or overbearing. This hairstyle looks great paired with statement earrings.

Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland has her hair styled with lots of volume. Another great look for a straight fringe is to have them really heavy and blow dried with a round brush so they don’t lay flat. Pairing this with a volumized crown and pulled into a neat low bun finishes off this very polished look. 

Melissa George has her hair pulled back into a chignon with a thick side-bang that is curled. This is a vintage-inspired look that will work well for the ladies that have longer hair. 
Be sure to book a hair appointment 1-4 weeks before the wedding so your hair is healthy, the ends are fresh and everything is the right length for your chosen hairstyle. 
To see photos of previous brides that our talented team of stylists and artists have had the pleasure of working with, check out our Facebook page!

Bridal Fashion Week

Bridal Fashion Week wrapped up last week and we were inspired by some of the hair and makeup looks that were featured on the runways. We love seeing wedding gowns with classic hair and makeup, but we also love the contrast of wedding gowns with more experimental or contemporary makeup and hairstyles. 
Here are some trends that we loved, straight from the runway. 
These models had a very severe look that was softened by the elegance of the gowns. Dark eyes and lips worn with slicked hair reminded us of when we recently saw January Jones at the Emmys. The paler lips (worn by January) makes it a more wearable daytime look. 
We really love how some of Innes Di Santo’s models were styled on the runway. They featured fresh faces with peachy-pink lips, paired with a very prominent side-bang. The side-bangs gives the look a very feminine feel. 

As always, we love to see the interesting hair pieces and how they work as embellishments in a number of diverse hairstyles. Key pieces such as feathers, flowers and rhinestones looked stunning on the runways. We’re always watching these pieces, because unlike veils, these elements are translational into everyday wear. 

Many models who had their hair down had it swept to one side that had the sort of vintage feel that we have been loving lately. Occasionally there were models with edgier hairstyles that are seen more on high-fashion runways, the styling worked really well and gave the overall look an avant-garde feel. 
Another high-fashion look featured at Bridal Fashion Week were smokey eyes. Although most were neutral with browns and beiges, some were very bold gunmetal smokey eyes with silvers and greys. These models always look striking because this makeup is less expected to be paired with an elegant gown, but we love seeing unconventional things on the runways!

A fresh-face is a really classic bridal look.  The makeup artists of these two models used colors that really suited their skin tone. On the left, a light pink cheek and mauve lip look great on a light skin tone. The model on the right has an apricot blush with a matching apricot-pink lip which looks beautiful on darker skin tones.  

Most of the Claire Pettibone models wore flower headpieces and had really rosy cheeks that matched dark plum lips. This makeup is so stunning and wearable for everyday. It is very feminine, but strong at the same time. Fall is here, so there is no time like the present to try this look!

Monique Lhuillier’s models looked so beautiful with really defined highlights high on the cheekbone. Under the runway lights they looked amazing. Such defined highlights aren’t a wearable everyday look, but they are definitely a wearable nighttime look!

Bridal Fashion Week was an amazing showcase of diverse makeup and hairstyles. We loved the variety that walked the runway this year. As always, we are inspired by new colors and techniques and enjoy seeing the new trends of the season. 
Photos: The Knot and
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Classic Hair and Makeup: Bridget’s Wedding Look

Bridget looked stunning on her wedding day in Raleigh, North Carolina. Stylist and artist Kerri did an amazing job on her hair and makeup. We love that she paired her beautiful hair and makeup with a pearl necklace and earrings. This is a completely classic bridal look and Bridget looks incredible!

We would love to see this same look dress up a more laid back outfit, or to compliment a dressier one. It can add sophistication and style when dressing for everyday, and it can also be the finishing touch on a more elegant evening look.

TIP: To take this look seamlessly from day to night, add a punch of color to the lips. Try one of these bold colors that Rooney Mara pulls off effortlessly. 
Congratulations Bridget, and thank you for for letting Make Up For Your Day be a part of your big day. 
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Kristen + James

Kristen and James were married in early October at the gorgeous Umstead Hotel and Spa in Cary, NC.  This wedding was absolutely stunning…just like the bride!  I love all the colors incorporated and of course I love the international flair from the groom’s family.  James is of Korean origin so his family is seen wearing the Hanbok.  They are so gorgeous!!  Here’s what I found about them online: “The Hanbok, worn today are designed after those worn during the Confucian-oriented Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). The women’s hanbok is comprised of a wrap-around skirt and a jacket. It is often called chima-jeogori, the Korean word for skirt is ‘chima’ and ‘jeogori’  is the word for jacket”.  So awesome!  In addition, how much do you guys love these parasols?!

Thank you Kristen for letting me be part of your special day!  It was so lovely and Jen and I wish you much love for your marriage.  See you soon! 🙂

All photos are courtesy of CHFotography.  Beautiful work guys!

Carolyn + Madji

Undoubtedly two of the most attractive people we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, Carolyn and Madji were stunning on their wedding day October 16th at the Angus Barn in Raleigh, NC.  Carolyn was such a joy to work with, not to mention made our job super easy with how gorgeous she is naturally!  Check out these beautiful photos by Paul Johnson Photography that showcase their awesome day.  Congrats to you both and thank you for letting us be part of your special day!  We enjoyed you and your family/friends!

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