Chanel UV Essentiel

How excited are you that Chanel now has a product to rival Clarins’ UV Protection Plus?!!! The new Chanel UV Essentiel is an SPF 30+ for everyday use. They say, “think of it as your skin’s guardian angel”. I like that!

I am a huge stickler for sunscreen. I never was before as I have oily skin and could never find anything to wear that didn’t make me look like a grease pit by 12noon. Then I found Clarins and it was an everyday must-have.

The Chanel UV Essentiel is something that is everyday use and not for the pool or prolonged sun-exposure. It is for intermittent sun exposure like walking from your house to your car and in and out of buildings. It is there to help as a free-radical deterrent and anti-pollutant. Here are the specs:

“A CHANEL first, this unique formula combines pure mineral- and plant-based ingredients to shield skin safely, securely beyond the reach of aggressive UVA/UVB rays. Pre-existing dark spots — the telltale signs of damage — fade away. Key ingredient Licorice Extract helps to erase evidence of sun exposure effectively, naturally. A beauty bonus: Mattifying agents make it an ideal makeup partner.”

So go out, get a sample and let us know how much you LOVE it!!! Protect, protect, protect!

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