The Nautical 1940s

We are so excited to share newlywed Tatiana’s bridal portraits (courtesy of Prevoir Photography) with you! Her portraits were taken on a sailboat on the riverfront in Wilmington. The nautical theme of her portraits were fitting considering that the couple decided to have a mermaid / pirate themed wedding, which took place Sunday September 3rd.

We absolutely adore everything about the vintage glamour of the 1940s. This style is reminiscent of Rita Hayworth’s look in this old lipstick ad. The similarity is striking! Our talented team for this shoot consisted of artist Jennifer House and stylist Candace. 
A great way to work some vintage glamour into your everyday routine is to pair this bold lip with a ponytail. If you wore this with jeans and a tshirt it would look casual, but chic. If you wore it with a blazer or skirt to work or to a party, then it can also look very polished and sophisticated (see Piper Perabo below). 
As always, we love the versatility and recurrence of vintage glamour, especially the 1940s. And we believe that there is no need to wait until a special event to bust out your red lipstick!
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