MYD Beauty Experience: Spray Tanning

Hello MYDBeauties! I have a confession to make: I just had my first Spray-Tan EVER. That’s right… EVER. I am the type of person who takes a bath in SPF 50 every morning, so the thought of getting a golden summer glow without all the dangerous side effects sounded very appealing! When I arrived at Toast in Raleigh I was greeted by Brenna and her daughter Livi! Brenna owns Toast and has since it opened in July of 2008. The cozy space was adorable and everyone was very welcoming.

There are a couple things to know before going in an getting a spray tan. First, wear comfy, loose fitting clothing on top and something you don’t mind getting covered in tanning solution underneath. I did the amateur thing and showed up in tight jeans and a brand new all white top. Brenna warned that the tighter your clothes are, there is a risk that the solution may rub off or become patchy prematurely onto your clothing. She also recommended grabbing some underwear or a bathing suit that you only wear to spray tan so you don’t stain your good clothing. Shoes should also be loose fitting and no socks!

Another thing to know before going in is that you should not put on any body moisturizer or oils on before coming in. You should also be wary of scheduling fresh new lightening in your hair. If you have had your hair lightened within 2 weeks, your hair is still quite porous. This could potentially allow the solution to enter the hair strand and create unwanted brassiness in the hair. Brenna had used a cap on me, but the closer to the scalp your blonde is, the more likely it is to come into contact.

Before the Spray Tan

Before the spray tan even begins, Brenna had made sure to moisturize my hands, feet, nails, elbows and knees to create a thin barrier between them and the solution. This extra step is SO important and I feel can quickly be overlooked. By creating this barrier you are essentially eliminating the tell-tale signs of a tan with orange fingernails and the lines you can get in the crevices of joints.

I was then asked to choose my tan! Since I had never had one before I decided to choose a “healthy glow”. Something not too dark, but also something I would notice. They offer two different options at Toast. An express-tan that can be washed off in 3 hours, and a traditional tan that is rinsed in 8-12 hours. I went with the 3 hour option first because I wasn’t sure how it would feel on my skin. According to the ladies at Toast, both options will have the same results, it is simply a lifestyle choice.

The solution used in spray tanning has the same chemical reaction with your skin that fruit has when it is browned on the counter. Toast says:

“The main active ingredient in sunless tanning products is Dihydroxyacetone (DHA). A colorless sugar, DHA interacts with the proteins and amino acids in the outer layer of the skin to produce a golden brown color. This is called the “Maillard Reaction”. By this reaction, DHA will always produce the same results based on concentration and application levels.  In addition to DHA, our natural sunless solutions contain Aloe, Vegetable Glycerin, White Tea and Grapefruit Seed Extract and hyaluronic acid to actually moisturize and nourish your skin as your tan develops. “ Source

I also wanted to point out that I am heavily tattooed. Something that kept me from tanning was the fact that it would change the color of my tattoo or perhaps make it fade. I went in a little skeptical that spraying bronzer on them would change them, however when we finished I found that they actually looked more vibrant!

The results were amazing! I had a healthy glow, my skin looked even and my tattoos were not totally covered! I had to keep checking myself out in the mirror because I thought that I just looked healthier.

After the Spray Tan

I had let the solution develop for the recommended amount of time and it was time to rinse. I noticed that it was almost like hair color in my shower and that once I felt it was rinsing clear enough I was good to go. I have always used Dove soap, however it is not recommended for rinsing a spray tan. You can either purchase a soap intended specifically for spray tans by brands like Aviva & St. Tropez. Try to avoid exfoliating scrubs or anything with harsh chemicals like sulfates.

Once it was rinsed I felt that it came out perfect. Very natural looking and more of a red based tan than orange. This reminded me of natural flushed tanned skin as if I had really been on the beach all day. I immediately received so many compliments. If you are considering getting a spray tan I would highly recommend giving it a try. Not only is it totally safe, but it also is perfect to give your skin an added boost. I am already planning my next one!

All in all my spray tan lasted about 7 days and never once got patchy or uneven. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a glow for any special event. Its hard now to look at my skin without a spray tan since it looked so good!


**Kelsi is an MYD Beauty Resident Stylist in our Raleigh, NC studio. She is available for hair cuts, hair color, hair extensions, airbrush makeup, beauty lessons, special FX makeup, waxing, hair styling lessons, hair blowouts, as well as temporary lash applications by appointment. To schedule a session with Kelsi (or any of our MYD Beauty Team experts) please contact us HERE and leave a note requesting her in your comments! Kelsi, as is all our MYD Beauty Team, is available for travel to destinations outside our Raleigh, NC studio for special events and weddings worldwide.**

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