5 Replies to “Laura Mercier New Color Collection”

  1. I wanted to comment about a recent conversation that Jennifer and I had. I was complaining about the occassional and very embarrassing blemish that would arise on a somewhat biweekly basis.I started following my nightly routine of cleansing at night. But, instead of cleansing again in the morning, I started moisturizing a little more right before applying makeup.Jennifer was right! I was too dry. My skin was reacting to the frigid weather and overwashing. I’m seeing much better results now.Don’t overdo it like I did! 🙂


  2. Ruthie- I read your comment yesterday and thought that you were talking about my skin. I feel like I am plagued by dry, gross, scaley skin every winter and never know how to handle it.So, I washed my face last night as I normally do, and this morning I did not wash my face in the shower, just rinsed it well. My makeup looks so much better today than it has in the past few weeks.


  3. I’m glad that’s working out for you ladies! As I was telling Ruthie, a lot of times people over cleanse and over do their product usage and don’t realize that the reason they are breaking out is because they are dehydrated and need moisture.If you find other things that work please share! Thanks!!


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