Destination Weddings: Jasmine and Cliff’s Romantic Beachside Ceremony

We are super excited to be in Mexico this week doing a photo shoot, as well as the hair and makeup for panel members at the ISS Experience Conference.  It has been great to hear a variety of speakers and occasionally slip to the beach for a break!

That’s why we were inspired to write a post about destination weddings. We recently had the opportunity to travel to Montego Bay for Jasmine and Cliff’s beachside wedding at the Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort.

Our talented artist and stylist Jennifer B was there to ensure Jasmine looked her best. The photos (courtesy of Fancy this Photography) looked amazing and so did Jasmine’s makeup throughout the heat of the day. 

Are you considering a destination wedding? There are a numbers of reasons to choose a destination wedding over a stay-at-home wedding. Perhaps it’s the weather, the scenery, the romance – no matter what may draw you away to an exotic locale, don’t forget to bring some vendors with you.

Many vendors are open to traveling for weddings. On a day when it is so important to look and feel amazing, you don’t want to have to worry if your makeup is sweat-proof or if you will look shiny in photos.

You should still be able to relax and take in the romance and scenery. It’s the reason you had a destination wedding in the first place!

To see other brides that we have had the pleasure of working with in North Carolina, out-of-state and abroad – check out our Facebook page. There will be more to come about our trip to Mexico soon!

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