5 Things to Know About How You Shampoo

1. Technique Matters!

Regardless of the shampoo you buy, you won’t reap the full benefits if you don’t wash your hair correctly. Using your fingers, you need to massage the shampoo into your scalp and then rinse it. This will get rid of any sebum or product build up so that your hair can grow and be healthy from the scalp.

2. Less is More

If use too much shampoo and it foams up a lot then it is more difficult to wash your hair correctly and get the product right to the scalp. Use about a quarter-sized amount of shampoo and be sure to get it right to your scalp.

3. Good Ingredients Don’t Always Get the Job Done

All products claim to do something; whether it is to moisturize, create volume or fight frizz. Argan oil is a very popular new ingredient to hit the market, but unless the product contains at least 1-5% of that ingredient, it won’t make a difference for your hair.

4. Blondes Need to Use Clarifying Shampoo More Often 

Chemically treated hair becomes very porous and can absorb hairspray, persperation, city polluion and minerals from shower water. This can cause blonde hair to pick up yellowish tones. To avoid this, clarifying shampoo should be used at least once a week to help dissolve natural build up and to neutralize unwanted tones.

5. Immediate Results May Be Deceiving 

If your hair is in serious need of moisture, volume or anything else – be willing to wait. Any shampoo that promises immediate results may work well the first few washes but end up causing build up and becoming less effective. If it is a good product it may be 2 weeks to a month before you see real results, but they will last!

Check back tomorrow for a list of ingredients to avoid in shampoos. It is more than likely that you will have at least one of them in the shower!

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