MYD Featured Wedding: Neera + Dave at The Biltmore Estate

Neera and Dave had the most incredible, colorful and cultural wedding at the beautiful Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. Artist and stylist Jen B. was there to give Neera her beautiful bridal look. Knowing that the wedding, and Neera’s outfit, was going to include so many rich and beautiful colors – Jen left the makeup more natural-looking. 

We love Neera’s matte brown smokey eyes and how the liner makes them look defined, but not overdone. She also has a flawless face and a beautiful natural lip. This look is really amazing on Neera and keeps the focus on her beautifully detailed attire.

We absolutely love the beautiful henna!

This is such a stunning photo of Neera. 

Neera and Dave had the most gorgeous ceremony. Neera was absolutely breathtaking! We really enjoyed being apart of their very special day.

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